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CCF attends GHJA rated shows every month as well as USEF rated shows in the southeast. We enjoy showing and believe that it really allows the students to grow and progress as riders as well as further develop and polish their skills. Showing is also a great way for the kids to support one another and have fun cheering each other along in their successes!

We also host two CCF Barn Shows each year, one in the fall and one in the spring. All CCF students are allowed to participate in these shows but are not required. This is a great opportunity for students to participate in a show at a much more affordable price while in a non-intimidating environment. It's a great way for less experienced riders to learn about showing while having fun and building confidence.

2023 Show Calendar & Pricing listed below 


2023Horse Show Schedule


10-11 HSV at GIHP

17-19 Jump Ahead Benefit at Wills

24-25 Ticket to Ride at Wills


7- Falcon Ridge

7-8 Windy Oaks, Fairburn

14-15 HSV at Wills

21-22 Cheryl at Wills

28-29 Cheryl at GIHP


5-Falcon Ridge

11-12 Elite at Wills

19-20 Brownwood at Wills


2-3 HSV at Wills

9-10 Elite at Wills



Schooling at horse shows

$65-85/day per rider & horse combination


$80-Wills Park

$175-Chatt Hills, Fairburn, GA

$160-Chicopee Woods

$175-GIHP, Conyers, GA

$80-FalconRidge Stables, Woodstock, GA


$385-Tryon International Eq. Center

$250-Poplar Place


$25-Friday set-up


If you and your child participate in either/both Fri and/or Sun,  the fee is waived



Setting Up/Leg Wrapping (you provide materials)


Day Care (optional)


Includes stall picked, water buckets cleaned/filled, hand walking/grazing

$5/day/horse--feed, hay horse for non-boarders (you provide hay/feed)

Horse Costume Contest at the Barn Show

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