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We have been at our permanent location in Canton, GA since August 2011. CCF is  just a mile and a half from the Birmingham Crossroads in Alpharetta/Milton, GA. We have a custom designed 20-stall Morton barn on 26 beautiful acres. The barn is very open/spacious and was designed for functionality, safety and efficiency so that we may provide the highest quality of care for you and your horse at a very affordable price. Owner/ Trainer lives on the farm so she's able to keep an eye on the horses at all times and is always looking out for the safety of the riders!

barn pic from driveway.jpg

Amenities include:

  • large spacious 12x12 stalls
  • all stalls are matted wall to wall
  • each stall has a mounted, adjustable fan
  • stalls feature large windows looking outside of the barn
  • 2 hot/cold washracks
  • 6 additional grooming areas
  • 2 large tackrooms
  • lounge/breakroom with refrigerator
  • feedroom
  • large/ handicap accessible bathroom
  • office
  • all rooms are heated/air-conditioned
  • 175x220 outdoor arena with M10 footing
  • full set of jumps
  • fields to ride in

Horse Care

  • Stalls are cleaned and re-bedded daily
  • water buckets dumped/cleaned regularly
  • customized feeding 2x/day
  • hay 2x/day
  • blanketing as needed (you provide blanket)
  • fly spray as needed (you provide fly spray)
  • fly masks on/off (you provide)
  • hosing off as needed
  • supplements administered as needed (provide in form of smart paks)
  • additional grooming, feeding needs or medications may be provided at additional cost
  • holding/scheduling farrier and vet appointments (if you use our vet/farrier- Horner and Nash, DVM and Moxley Farrier Services)
  • all day turn-out (8 large pastures and 2 small paddocks)

Board is $1,100/month, any additional services not listed above may be available at an additional cost. No cribbers, no stallions, all others welcome!

*If you are interested in boarding but will not be in the lesson/training program, board is $1,200/mo.

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Additional Services

Schooling Rides

  • 30-40 min. ride
  • horses are groomed and tacked (owner provides tack)
  • horses are properly cooled out, hosed, untacked and tack put away
  • polo wrapping if necessary

Single ride $80

2-5 rides/month $70/ea.

6 -8 rides/month $65/ea.

Non-boarders-- schooling rides(owner ships over for ride) $85/ea.


$15-20/ea. up to 30 min. (includes picking feet before and cooling out/hosing after)

Clipping/Mane pulling

Mane pull--$20-40

Clip ears--$10-25

Clip ears and muzzle--$20-35

Body Clipping--$150

Feet picked & thrush treatment

$5/horse/each time

Medications administered, bandaging,etc.

(depends on dosage, frequency and


$5-$25/ea. time

Inside the tackrooms

Large, handicap accessible bathroom

water fountains

All stalls are 12x12 and have individual mounted adjustable fans and a blanket bar with halter hooks. Stalls are very open with bars across the entire front of the stall and the walls dividing the stalls are vented for maximum air circulation.

Two Hot/Cold Washracks

Judge's Stand

Fall/Winter Barn Hours: Mon-Sun 9am-7:30pm


Spring/Summer Barn Hours: Mon-Sun 8:00am-8:00 pm


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