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Lesson Information

   We offer riding lessons, boarding and showing for kids and adults ages 5 and up, beginners through advanced. We have wonderful safe lesson horses and teach riders everything from tacking up and general care to riding. We also offer summer camp and have barn shows in the spring and fall for all the students who wish to participate. We go to local GHJA shows every month as well as USEF rated shows. Participation in any of these shows is available to all students but is certainly not required so whether you are interested in being a serious competitor or prefer to just ride for fun, CCF is happy to accommodate. Please let us know if you have any questions and feel free to come by and check out the farm and watch a lesson. That is definitely the best way to see what you think about any barn and if it's right for you and your kids.

Courtney & Louie

Lesson Pricing/Info: 

PRIVATE lesson-30 min. of riding

SEMI PRIVATE (2 kids in a group)-45 min. of riding

GROUP (3-6 kids)- 1 hour of riding


$275/mo. ----- Private lessons for riders ages 6 and under, 1x/wk, 45-50 min lesson

breakdown of time: 15-20 minutes grooming/tacking instruction, 15-20 minutes riding & 10 minutes untacking with instructor (if child progresses beyond this level before they turn 7, they would need to move into a more advanced lesson with a longer riding time for the $325/mo package)

$500/mo.------2x/wk for kids 6 and under.

$325/mo.----- 1 Rider taking lessons 1x/wk ( 4-5 lessons/mo.) Riders 7 and older

$575/mo------ 1 Rider taking lessons 2x/wk (8-10 lessons/mo.)

$80- first lesson/ initial assessment lesson


$250/mo.-----1 lesson/wk.

$450/mo.----2 lessons/wk.

$575/mo.----3 lessons/wk.



MAKE UP POLICY-- Riders who take lessons once a week may make up one lesson per three months as long as 24 hours notice is given that you will not be able to attend the regularly scheduled lesson or if it is an illness or emergency. Riders who take lessons twice a week will be allowed two make up lessons per three months.

Students come 30 min. prior to start of riding time to go over grooming and tacking up and are expected to stay 15-30 min. after the lesson to put everything away and cool off the horse properly. Students typically start in private lessons and them move into semi private or group when ready. The lesson horses are here to teach beginners from walk/trot to jumping crossrails and up to 2'. Once riders are ready to move beyond this level, they will need to lease or purchase their own horse so that the lesson horses can continue to inspire the love of riding and horse care in other beginning riders for years to come.

Fall/Winter Barn Hours: Mon-Sun 9am-7:30pm


Spring/Summer Barn Hours: Mon-Sun 7:30am-8:00 pm


Lesson Horses/Ponies


*Pic. coming soon*

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